Was also known as 'Goingfreakinnuts'

PC gamer
Addicted to Silent Hill and Achievement Hunter.

Names Jayden. Call Me JD

I am taken by the most perfect girl in existence.

From the land of Australia.

I am in the house of Ravenclaw,

I am known as, throughout the universe, a : Nerd, Geek, Whovian, Nerdfighter, Sherlockian, Saltgunner, Ranger, Engineer-eteer, Unicorn Warrior, Demi-God, White Lighter, Time Lord, Dragonborn, Thieves Guild Master, Mutant, Jedi, Wizard, Elf, Fallen Angel, Lion, Arch Mage, The Listener, Starkid, Tribute, A bro , Beardlover , Lemondrop, Coolliker , Fizzy Family, Nermi Army, Avenger, Homesticker, Danosaur, Dawson Whore. Hush Husher, Truebies, Oncer, Assassin, Ringer, Gater, Vault Hunter, Shawol, Excotic, Beater and among MANY other things.


New Realization:

I should have totally brought that Doctor Who baby shirt while I was in the city at the start of the month. (No, I am not a daddy but would be good for teh future. Make them a geek from birth c:)
I literally looked at it and was like “Rudy would love this on a baby” but nooo, JD didn’t buy it. It’s driving me insane thinking about how cute it was >.<